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At LandScience, Our mission is to assist our clients to assess and resolve the major risks associated with ownership and management of multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties while providing high quality service and prompt reports in a cost effective manner.

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Featured Projects

Shopping for Help

In order for a large shopping center developer to move forward with the constructionof a new shopping center, which was being hindered by the presence of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil and groundwater, LandScience expeditiously and successfully conducted remedial efforts of the soil and groundwater and was able to achieve environmental regulatory closure in the timeframe required for development to occur without additional cost being incurred by our client.

Fill 'er Up

As part of the abreviated environmental due diligence process of a large acquisition of service stations, LandScience's extremely knowlegable and efficient staff expeditiously conducted Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments of 22 gasoline service stations located throughout the United States allowing the transaction of the 22 gasoline service stations to be completed in a timely manner.

Next in Line

As part of a large merger, the client had a small window in which to conduct the due diligence process on 363 bank branches located throughout the State of Florida.  LandScience's staff was able to expeditiously complete the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on the 365 bank branches allowing the merger take place within the timeframe required by the lending institution.



LandScience Clients

Here are just a few samples of some of the interesting projects LandScience has been involved with.

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