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LandScience understands that each client and project is unique. We take the time to make sure we understand your needs and goals and do not try to "fit" you into a standard profile. We deliver what YOU want, not what WE think you do!

Our services include:

Limited Phase I / Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA): A Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)/ Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA) is...>> details

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) consists of a more thorough investigation than the TSA. >> details

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II ESAs are usually performed after a Phase I ESA has identified an on-site or off-site Recognized Environmental Concern. >> details

Property Condition Assessments: The purpose of the Property Condition Assessment is to document the physical condition of a particular property and to identify...>> details

Contamination Assessments/Site Assessment Reports: Contamination Assessments/Site Assessment Reports are usually performed on sites that have been impacted by a range of contaminants including: petroleum products, hazardous waste, pesticides, PCBs or metals. >> details

Tank Closure Assessments: Tank closure assessment activities are performed under the standards and criteria established in Chapter 62 of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC 62) Part 761.800(3), and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Storage Tank System Closure Assessment Requirements document, dated April 1998. >> details

Remedial Technology Feasibility Studies: LandScience is capable of performing a variety of Remedial Technology Feasibility Studies (RTFS). The purpose of performing a RTFS is to help evaluate the effectiveness of a particular remedial technology in achieving site-specific contamination restoration goals. >> details

Remedial Action Plans: Remedial Action Plans (RAP) are usually required by the environmental regulatory agency for sites that have been the subject of comprehensive site assessment activities in which excessive contamination to the soil, sediment, or groundwater has been documented. >> details

Sampling and Monitoring: LandScience is experienced in performing routine monitoring and sampling of soil and ground waster at sites under investigation, remediation, or at facilities where long term monitoring is required. >> details


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LandScience's reports can be designed and formulated to meet a client's specific requirements.



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